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100% Clean Legal P2P No Adware
No Spyware No Popups No Trojans
  • New interface with multiple color schemes
  • Unlimited music downloads
  • Share your profile, photos and music
  • iPod and MP3 players support!
  • Make new friends and connect with old ones
  • Discover and download music and HD quality videos
Welcome to Shareaza's P2P file sharing world. By using the world's leading free peer-to-peer file sharing network you can easily find, download and legally share over 20 million free MP3 files, videos and more. With easy to use approach and tons of tools and friendly features, you'll gain access to millions of p2p file sharing songs, all can be downloaded quickly and safely to your computer. Get the latest of Pop, Rock, Hiphop, alternative and more... file sharing has never been more fun! Shareaza will help you to find what you need, based on your taste, or current mood, it's that simple. Use Shareaza to sync your library with your iPod or other MP3 player, just plug and transfer... all P2P all FREE!

Since the shut-down of Limewire p2p file sharing network, Shareaza is the #1 alternative to Limewire as the leading p2p file sharing program out there.

Shareaza is safe from viruses, completely legal, and 100% free, these and more is what making it the best FREE P2P program Availble.